WWOOF Sweden live Webinar

Oct 24, 2022

WWOOF live Webinar

Having webinars is something relatively new for us at WWOOF that we hope will be appreciated by both WWOOF Hosts and WWOOFers. Possibly it is a post-pandemic phenomenon to want to be seen on video-link as complementary to emailing before a WWOOF exchange even if we are in different countries and cities. The idea is that we offer one or two occasions a week when you can register for a webinar via Google Meet or Zoom. Use the Calendly link to book the webinar free of charge. You do not need to be a member of WWOOF to participate but we ask you to be at least 18 years since this is the age limit to go WWOOFing.

We will try to ensure that the webinars carry something new every time. In addition to you being able to ask your unique questions, I think that we can, for example, invite a WWOOF coordinator from another country who can tell you what is alive in their associations. First I’ll probably share my screen and run a very short presentation of What WWOOF is, what it can be and what it’s not, then we’ll finish with a small question and answer session. If  we have both farm hosts and wwoofers on the call we can also let you connect so that you can see each other after the webinar. The idea is to limit the webinars to about 30 minutes per occasion.

 My name is Jandi Hallin, who holds the webinars for Sweden, and I live in Sweden. I started as a WWOOFer back in 2004 and have since run the non-profit association WWOOF Sweden both as a volunteer and later as a permanent employee. I have been a WWOOFer mostly in Europe, Italy, Norway, France, Portugal but also in USA, Africa; Sierra Leone, Asia; South Korea, Sri Lanka and India and more. I am happy to answer questions and can tell you about my personal experiences from my years as a WWOOFer but if you have specific questions regarding a certain country there are other local coordinators for each country who have more detailed answers.

Hope to see you at a Live seminar!



WWOOF Sweden

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