When sending requests to hosts you may think of this.

Feb 15, 2024

We strive to place a high value on each inquiry and communication with our users. If I, as a WWOOFer, were to send inquiries to 20 hosts at once by copying and pasting a pre-written question, I might receive many responses from hosts, but ultimately, I would only choose to visit one of them. In this scenario, 20 individuals have initiated an inquiry that does not lead to a visit. This creates a sort of inflation in inquiries, resulting in frustration and diminishing the value of each inquiry. In the long run, this may lead to the next WWOOFer not receiving responses or having to wait longer.

Therefore, we have imposed limitations on the number of inquiries that can be sent at once to avoid sending too many inquiries. You can see in each profile how quickly each host responds and if they respond to all inquiries. Some hosts may have busy periods on the farm, such as during lambing or when all the sun-dried hay needs to be brought in before the rain comes, and this may cause emails to wait a bit. We hope you can help by not sending too many inquiries and by putting some extra thought into each inquiry you make. This way, things will flow smoothly this year too!

Episode 15 – Basil Black and Sarah Potenza

Episode 15 – Basil Black and Sarah Potenza

In this episode of the WWOOF Cast, host Rodrigo chats with Basil & Sarah, Executive Director for WWOOF USA, about WWOOF’s evolution and exciting future projects. They discuss our goals of enhancing the WWOOF community, empowering hosts and WWOOFers with new...