Photo and video challenge 2022

Nov 11, 2022

We’ve reached 111 entries from over twenty WWOOFers!
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me planting garlic! 

Entry 111.

a beautiful sunrise as we went down to wwoof

Entry 110.

a fellow WWOOFer by the lake at sunset. 

Entry 109.

tomatoes in the greenhouse! 

Entry 108.

WWOOF is a non-profit grassroots movement. All the entries have been sent in by members of WWOOF Sweden 2022 who have spent weeks, months or a whole year, farming and learning about caring for animals and growing vegetables together with likeminded WWOOFers.

“WWOOF” – stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.Entry

Learning traditional Swedish folk dance in the evenings.
Entry 107.

a fellow WWOOFer riding back from the fields with wildflowers in her basket

Entry 106

I had lovely co’wwoofers who made very tasty dinners and we had cozy breaks during the hectic days.

Entry 105.

Potatoes and
the farm!
They are
very tasty,
we ate them

Entry 104.

I learned a lot from my

Entry 103.

Chicks exploring the farm. It was nice to see them grow day by day

Entry 102.

Preparing firewood for the winter

Entry 101.

Picking beans

Entry 100.

My funny friends for the time being!

Entry 99.

Entry 98.

A new skill that I learned: look
at this! Braiden garlic, nice
and mindful job.

Entry 97.

Monday is free! Time to do the laundry!

Entry 96.

Picking up the male sheep for slaughter.

Entry 95.

Isn’t she adorable?

Entry 94.

When the night got colder, I moved to this bus where these wonderful guys fixed a stove so I could make a cozy fire. How romantic!

Entry 93.

Potatoes and
the farm!
They are
very tasty,
we ate them

Entry 92.

Picking beans

Entry 91.

I slept in this van called Conrad on a
wonderful space for the volunteers
with a campfire place an
outdoor kitchen and a compost toilet

Entry 90.

Leaving my hometown Groningen in the Netherlands where I took the Flixbus to Malmö. A good alternative cause I want to travel cheaply, comfortably, and sustainably.

I am 58 and after two difficult years due to corona, I wanted
to broaden my horizon and learn all about ecological
farming. My destination was a WWOOF host in Brösarp, Sweden.

Entry 89.

The photo shows me and the farmer – my WWOOF host – in the tractor plowing a field. It is one of the various examples of new things I could discover during my wwoofing stay. I had the possibility to get an insight into a lot of different working steps in agriculture, try out things I never imagined doing, and learn a lot about organic farming, crop rotation etc. It was a very enriching experience that also helped me in my personal development and made me recognize even more the value of organic food.

Entry 88.

After months of trying to spot a moose without success, this one came walking right past my bedroom window to eat apples from the tree.

Entry 87.

Trying to protect me from the harsh Swedish autumn sun during our weekly harvest of kale, meant for the Bondens Marknad (Farmer’s market) in Stockholm.

The others wwoofers and I were trying to help our hosts increase their farm’s social media presence by taking and sharing such pictures. 

Entry 86.

I have spent the whole month of October and part of November woofing in Sweden and here are some of my favorite pictures/memories from my time there.

This photo was taken on Lake Mälaren near Enköping by my co’wwoofer, on our daily bike ride after work. We were blessed with a clear sky and beautiful sunset colors. We had to bike our way back in the dark since we spent too long admiring the view haha

Entry 85.

This photo was taken during my last weekend in Sweden, hiking in my free time in Björnö Naturreservat, near Stockholm. 

Entry 84.

Entry 83.

Entry 82.

I spent one month out of time at a WWOOF farm in Sweden in June 2022 and it has been an amazing experience. I was coming to do something different, step out of my comfort zone and I have been really rewarded. Farming is such an incredible job because it permits you to be in the present moment as you work with your hands and forget everything around you.

Entry 81.

This photo is of my dear friend I made while I was wwoofing when we were harvesting radishes in one of the greenhouses on Gotland.

Entry 80.

Me pulling the boat over a lake.

Entry 79.

My host and me making bacon at the annual fest at Ludvika in Honor of the Swedish poet Dan Andersson

Entry 78.

Me and my hosts went through a forest on our mushroom hunt, which deserved to get explored

Entry nr 77.

Leslie the dog enjoys the sun, while we gather together for a work meeting.

Entry nr 76.

The view on a nearby lake, where we used to swim and enjoy the evening after a day of work.

Entry nr 75.

The farms cows on the daily walk back from the meadows in the evening

Entry nr 74.

learning right technique for making kanelbullar in the bakery

Entry nr 73.

look inside the greenhouse, play of light and shadow

Entry nr 72.

swedish autumn country-cottage life

Entry nr 71.

WWOOFing made us appreciate the simple things in life: When the snow sparkles in the early sunset in winter and a fury friend is around, that’s all it needs for us to be happy now.

Entry nr 70.

This is Shokran, the best beginners pony on this planet. He taught Anna how to ride from scratch without a human riding teacher and he would sacrifice even his carrots to keep you safe and sound!

Entry nr 69.

Despite of the gray and dark weather, you can see rainbows everywhere. That’s what WWOOFing in Sweden in the deepest winter taught us 🙂

Entry nr 68.

Yes, Kurier is a draft horse but no one every specified what excatly draft horses have to pull. So we put it to the test and had lots of fun!

Entry nr 67.

Entry nr 66.

Entry nr 65.

Entry nr 64.

Entry nr 63.

Entry nr 62.

Entry nr 61.

Entry nr 60.

Entry nr 59.

Weeding strawberries under the rain, the funniest activity to do when you are in a team like this one. A little goes a long way!

Entry nr 57.

Me, the little hairy VIP of the farm and the hand of the cutest woofer (I even brought her home with me 🙂 )

Entry nr 56.

An accurate illustration of what it is to have good cooks on the farm.

Entry nr 55.

A HUGE fire at at the WWOOF host to celebrate the end of Winter with locals !

Entry nr 54.

Going back to the farm with our makeshift bikes after a lovely afternoon by the lake under the spring sun with the team.

Entry nr 53.

Plant mama

I was the very first person to take care of the plants this year. It was February when I seeded the first tomato seeds. End of March they had grown into small plants, ready to be replanted into bigger pots in the greenhouse. And when I came back to the farm in July, I ate red and sweet tomatoes. 

Entry nr 52.

 Weeding the strawberries

In most cases, organic farming means weeding by hand. This patch is part of a forest garden. There were many strawberry plants but twice as many weeds. But luckily team work makes the dream work.

Entry nr 51.

Moving the chickens

Farming is about improvising and team work. Scrap pieces of wood to build chicken houses and random stones to keep the roof from being blown away. Two experienced wwoofers were showing us everything we needed to know about the chickens for the weekend duty.

Entry nr 50.

Lunch outside

When wwoofing, you will learn to work with what you have. Many people and loads of delicious vegan food – but only a small table and almost broken chairs. But it was worth it to have lunch outside in good company of wwoofers from around the world and Anders, the farmer.

Entry nr 49.

Farmer Bengt eating cherries
Bengt and Maria are the hosts. Bengt is such a funny farmer, speaking a very unique Swenglish. The photo was taken on a Sunday when we all went to the neighbor’s place to help him harvest hay (and eat cherries!).

Entry nr 48.

My third picture is of myself when I went camping close to Nyköping
with a friend I made on the farm. We were taking the weekend to go
camping and hiking. One of the most amazing thing about Sweden are the
Allemansrecht and the good infrastructure for staying a night in nature.

I am very happy to be a part of the Wwoof Sweden community!

Entry nr 47.

Lambs at a host close to Katrineholm

Entry nr 46.

Lambs at a host close to Katrineholm

Entry nr 45.

The Sky is in the lake and 2 suns are in my eyes. The green in the grass is filled with Gold.  All the trees in the distance stand at attention, saluting. The river is talking about the rocks at the falls, then loudly laughs as it splashes over each stone.  There are hills of hay where horses graze, underneath winged shaped clouds.  A crow flies, to — and a magpie, fro.  The sun begins its trek beyond the silhouettes of the forest, looking for another day.

Entry nr 44.

on the boat on lake Malaren in the evening.

Entry nr 43.

making rope.

Entry nr 42.

foraging in the forest.

Entry nr 41.

Hanna bording the boat.

Entry nr 40.

forging an arm cuff.

Entry nr 39.

boarding the Viking boats.

Entry nr 38.

making a leather sheath for my knife by lake Malaren.

Entry nr 37.

Viking era weaving loom.

Entry nr 36.

drying herbs that we collected.

Entry nr 35.

preparing for soup on the open fire.

Entry nr 35.

me reading in the forest in my time off.

Entry nr 35.

Me feeding the goats.

Entry nr 34.

cooking deer meat stew in a cauldron in a reconstructed Viking house.

Entry nr 33.

me stood in a fairy ring on Birka

Entry nr 32.

I sat by the Viking boats

Entry nr 31.

Entry nr 30

A hike we made on Mullfjället near Åre with two fellow WWOOFers. First off, it was nice to have company after two weeks of being the only WWOOFer, and we got on really well. The weather was surprisingly warm on this day, and the view from the mountain was beautiful. But the most memorable part of the trip was our unpreparedness for how wet the whole area was, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before! It was impossible to avoid getting wet feet, like walking on a giant sponge. On this picture we are still at the base of the mountain, crossing streams and trying to find the least sodden paths. At some point, however, we stopped worrying about it and marched happily through pools of water, sometimes knee deep, like children playing in puddles after a rainstorm.

Entry nr 29.

The next photo is of the goats. They were the most surprising animals I met during my WWOOFing because I had never imagined how extremely social and friendly they are. They seemed to crave the cuddling of humans and sought out our company even if there was no food or anything involved. I only got to see them twice as they were on lease doing some vegetation control at other properties, but it was a delight getting to know these funny and sensitive animals. 

Entry nr 28.

Entry nr 27.

Entry nr 26.

Entry nr 25.

Entry nr 24.

Entry nr 23.

Entry nr 22.

Entry nr 21.

Entry nr 20.

Entry nr 19.

Entry nr 18.

Entry nr 17.

Entry nr 16.

Entry nr 15.

Wwoofing in August: “It´s all about the dill” in Sweden´s vegetable gardens.

Entry nr 14.

We will continue to upload contributions and let everyone vote on the photo’s that they think represent WWOOF the best!

Me feeding the sheep some huge green broccoli and kale leaves. The older leaves were taken off of these plants to stimulate new growth and the sheep could not have been happier to play the role of recycling machines! They were enthusiastic about practically any green vegetable leftovers or tree branches we brought them, but these broccoli and kale leaves were one of their favorite treats for sure. 

Entry nr 13.

It shows me while happily driving a tractor (with some bale rope around my neck from earlier work in the shed). I think that wwoofing is amazing because it makes me overcome my fears and limits in the most wonderful and empowering way. Driving a tractor and turning a huge compost pile was not what I pictured myself doing a few years ago. And now I have learned so many fun skills and I do appreciate nature, our place in it and food even more. And want to inspire others to do the same. Thanks to wwoofing I have the courage to aim for my dreams, maybe being a host myself one day. 

Entry nr 12.

The first picture shows us on a boat trip together with our first WWOOF host’s Mats and Yrsa with four young sheep on a boat trip through the baltic sea. We were moving the four male sheep to another little island in the Skärgård where they could run around freely for the rest of the summer until the winter season began. Definitely a highlight of our time in Sweden. 

Entry nr 11.

The second photo comes from the same place and features a shot of the northern lights. We captured them on the island Södra Stavsudda in September and were told that we were quite lucky to see them so far south. What a special place!

Entry nr 10.

Picture number three shows Marit with a furry friend. Neither of us had been working with sheep before so we learned a lot about the animals during that time. It was a great contrast to our daily lives as university students.

Entry nr 9.

The fourth photo we send you was taken on Gotland and is a shot of the big sunflower field at the place we stayed at. The place had a big garden with organically grown vegetables we harvested during our stay. Furthermore, it was such a pleasure to watch the sun set into the baltic sea every evening.

Entry nr 8.

The fifth and last photo shows me collecting apples for a pie. It was harvesting season the time we were in Sweden, and we loved the feeling of beeing able to get most of the ingredients for dinner directly from the garden. Especially on such a sunny day!

Entry nr 7. 

Mushroom picking in the Swedes forest is always a success.

Entry nr 6.

Washing beetroots in the fancy rain pants

Entry nr 5.

The hardest control during tomato picking.

Entry nr 4.

Hjortron picking in the forest of Dalarna.

Charming dogs out of the fire on Gotlands.

Entry nr 3.

Apple picking with fluffy company on the farm.

Entry nr 2.

Charming dogs out of the fire on Gotlands.

Entry nr 1.

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