Board of directors and staff

Jandi Hallin


Initiator of the Non-Profit Association WWOOF Sweden 2004. Father of two children.

We keep bees, and hens, and live in a village called Uddebo where there is a focus on doing

things together such as growing vegetables. 

Also works as a handicraft teacher and practices Capoeira.

I’ve been WWOOFing most of my adult life both in Sweden and around Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia.


Lauren comes from the USA and moved to Sweden six years ago. She has a small farm where she grows a lot of food for the family, plus she has her own business and gives cooking lessons.

She is trained as a biologist and dietician and she loves meeting new WWOOFare.


Malin runs a biodynamic vegetable garden together with her husband. Apart from growing vegetables, she also ferments some of the vegetables.

She grew up in Germany, and lived in Scotland for a while, where she practiced self-sufficiency and learned about gardening. She then returned to her Swedish roots together with her family, got training i organic gardening, and started the garden in 2007.

Board member

Christina lives on an ecological horse farm where we take people for rides in the forest.

I have been working on a kibbutz in Israel and traveling to different countries for many years. 

Before I got pensioned I worked as a medical secretary and also in a Waldorf school.

Board member

Sylvia is living on a small property in a charming village in the beautiful countryside of Södermanland. She is now retired from my work at the Swedish Migration Board.

Former Board Member

Our beloved board member Stefan Hörberg sadly died from cancer on the 15 of May 2022, He lived close to Älmhult in the southwest of Småland on the beautiful farm Sagolika Höö. Jandi and Laura from the Swedish WWOOF association attended his funeral. The priest at the ceremony talked about his strong commitment to his farm and how he loved receiving WWOOFers from all over the world. He left us with a great loss. Stefan was a WWOOF hosts between 2013 and 2022.

He had loads of animals and grew vegetables and tried to harvest the things that grow on the island; apple raspberries, blackberries, and mushrooms. The farm consists of two larger islands in Lake Möckeln and has been owned by the family since 1845.

Stefan also worked as an It technician.

A link to his farm Fb page.

Episode 12 – Heidi Eijgel

Episode 12 – Heidi Eijgel

In this episode, Rodrigo meets Heidi Eijgel, a long term WWOOF Host in Canada. Heidi will tell us about how is to raise horses and receive WWOOFer in challenging weather conditions.

Episode 11 – Jan-Philipp Gutt

Episode 11 – Jan-Philipp Gutt

The guest in this Episode is Jan-Philipp. He is the coordinator of WWOOF-Germany and currently Chair Director of the Federation of WWOOF Organisations. At WWOOF he finds freedom and responsibility, motivation, time spent in friendship, adventure and worldwide...

WWOOF Diploma/Certificate

WWOOF Diploma/Certificate

We can provide you with a raw template with our logo so that you and your host(s) can make a certificate that prof that you have participated as a WWOOFer in Sweden.

Episode 10 – Bruno Paixão

Episode 10 – Bruno Paixão

Bruno have worked in a farm together with WWOOFers and since a few years himself is a WWOOF Host. As a long term host, he has some interesting tips for volunteers and hosts.

Episode 9 – Scarlett Penn

Episode 9 – Scarlett Penn

Scarlett Penn is our guest on the 9th Episode of the WWOOFCast. She has a deep knowledge about the WWOOF history and is the coordinator of WWOOF UK.