Fototävlingen 2021

Här är de vinnande fotografierna till tävlingen som vi höll 2021 där WWOOFare fick skicka in sina foton från sin tid som WWOOFare.

1. Julia Vogel

”Last year in summer, we were on a farm in Sweden for 2 weeks. It was my first wwoofing experience and it was fantastic. I rode the most sensitive horse I have ever ridden. She was a beautiful mare called Zoega. One picture shows me on Zoega on the riding area of the ranch during a riding lesson. Kristina, the owner of the farm, is a great horse and riding trainer who is only wants the best for her animals. All volunteers learned so much from her about western riding and ground work. We were helping riding guests with the horses and and during their riding tours in nature. So the other picture shows me and Zoega during a fantastic trail ride.”

2. Joakim Enderberg

”I chose this picture because it illustrates one of the greatest moments this summer, just having good old fun and working hard together with some amazing new friends! WWOOF Sweden is such a great network for creating long-lasting friendships, as we come to befriend ourselves too in ridiculous and beautiful ways, forming a greater kinship with nature along the journey. Fun; hard working; loving and kind! That’s my picture of a great summer.”

3. Michael Steinmüller

”The photos were taken in 2020 during a really nice wwoof experience. On the picture you see me with the horses. Besides common farmwork we also walked the horses, which became one of my favorite duties. Before that I just took a selfie with Moonlight and Suega. Moonlight (the painthorse to left) became a very good friend to me. He was so friendly and I think that we both enjoyed our time together!”

4. Antonia Baumgärtner

”I took it with my disposable camera that I bring to every longer trip, it’s a Canon AE1.
On the farm where I stayed I met two wonderful girls who became my friends, Freia and Cata. We spend a lot of evenings together after working around 6 hours on the fields, planting, picking, weeding, which was always fun with a lot of kind people and other wwoofers.
The House we were staying in led directly to a huge lake where we could take a boat or a canoe any time we wanted. So in the evening that I took the photo we grabbed the two boats and went to a beautiful mystical beach in around 20 minutes of paddle-time.
We sat there, watched the sunset, had some swedish beers and the others were collecting stones and flipping them on the surface of the water. That moment I made this photo and some other beautiful ones. On the photo you can see Freia Larrson on the right, a little bit of Catalina Hopperdietzel in the middle and Tora Söderström on the left. I love this photo especially because the colour of the sky looks so powerful to me. And we were just having such a fun time with a lot of laughs at the beach. I developed the film of the camera about half a year later and was really glad to have such amazing memories of these two magical months on this farm in Sweden.”

4. Dora Bouman

”This is a picture of my friend Suze in the so called Greenhouse Number Two taken in april of this year. The greenhouse is manly used grow chiliplants and bellpeppers. It’s also a place for flowers and salad plants to grow before planting them into the beds outside. Here, Suze is transplanting some tomato plants into bigger pots that are going to be sold in the farm shop.

Almost one month after this photo was taken and all the plants you see in the background were a lot bigger, a storm ripped open the greenhouse in the night. The next day the wwoof- team and everybody else who was on the farm, worked really hard to fix the plastic and make the greenhouse steady again. Almost all of the plants survived. I remember even though it was a very cold day, we had a lot of fun working together, and the feeling we had when we were all done was a great reward. This autumn I visited the farm again for a week, and got to harvest and dry a lot of wonderful red chili peppers.”